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“Legions 2029” is a first-of-its-kind PC game that mixes the progression elements of iconic RPGs like Diablo and World of Warcraft with the dynamic combat experience of hack-and-slash games like God of War. It offers a unique Roguelike gameplay loop where players venture deeper into the Outskirts, battling formidable foes, and earning valuable resources. Every run is uniquely challenging with randomly arranged maps, and players can compete for rewards and prestige in the Speedrun mode after completing the Campaign Mode. Additionally, Legions 2029 features a dynamic player economy, allowing gamers to have full control and flexibility over their in-game progress and items.


*Requires blockchain functionality to be enabled.

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Your Biosynth will be your avatar within the Outskirts. With hundreds of millions of potential combinations, each Biosynth is aesthetically unique. While all Biosynths have equivalent combat capabilities, certain varieties offer advantageous bonuses. These bonuses enhance your probability of discovering rare items in the Outskirts and boost your capacity to accrue valuable resources passively.


Legionnaires are the original followers of Satoshi The Creator and the top Biosynth tier within Legions 2029. Legionnaires live on the blockchain and can thus, be freely transferred on third party marketplaces. Legionnaires also carry with them the greatest amount of “Biosynth Luck”. Luck increases your chances of finding valuable resources and rare items in the Outskirts. Your total “Luck” consists of 3 factors: Your Biosynth’s Luck, your Item Luck, and your Luck Bonus which equals 10% of all the Luck from all the Biosynth’s you own. In addition, by opting in, Legionnaire owners have the capability to passively accrue Satoshi's Crystals, a pivotal in-game resource, making their owners integral components of the Legions 2029's Open Player Economy.

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